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Compact SUVs and Hatchbacks

Compact SUVs can fit the Original Nomad Kitchen when they have at least the 60% rear seat flipped down and the Nomad Kitchen CV System with the seats up. The options are endless depending on the layout you wish to achieve. All Nomad Kitchen Systems offer a universal fit that is easily transferable between vehicles regardless of make or model. Check product details for exact dimensions.

Examples of Compact SUVs and Hatchbacks include vehicles like the Crosstrek, Renegade, A3, Prius, Mazda3, Fit, etc.

Still don't know which system to order, send us a message or schedule a virtual appointment, or call back.

Original Nomad Kitchen in Honda Fit
Original Nomad Kitchen in Subaru Crosstrek


For a fully integrated kitchen that only occupies half your trunk, the Original Nomad Kitchen is the perfect system for you.

Original Nomad Kitchen in Jeep Renegade
Audi A3 Original
Nomad Kitchen CV in Subaru Crosstrek
Nomad Kitchen CV in Honda HRV

For a fully integrated kitchen that is low profile, can fit entirely behind a second row of seats and can easily fit under a permanent or extendable bed platform, the Nomad Kitchen CV is the perfect system for you.

Nomad Kitchen CV in Mazda 3
Nomad Kitchen CV in Toyota Prius
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