Pantry Drawer - Does It Fit?

The Nomad Kitchen Pantry Drawer will fit any SUV, Crossover, Wagon, Truck, or Van with enough cargo space to fit a box 25 inches deep, 7 inches tall, and 20 inches wide (plus ratchet straps and red lock tabs) and 3-4 tie-down anchor points.

New 17-inch wide version coming in May 2022

Pantry Dimensions.jpg

Pantries can be mounted alone, stacked, or side-by-side. Pantries can also be mounted to the side, on top of, or below the Original Nomad Kitchen (see Overlander Kit). When stacked, pantries can be bolted together.

A single Pantry Drawer will fit the vehicles listed on any of our "Does it fit?" pages, when on its own.

To fit two pantries side-by-side or next to an Original Nomad Kitchen, your vehicle must have at least 40 inches between the wheel wells.
Two Pantry Drawers stacked on top of each other are the same height as the Original Nomad Kitchen.
Go to the Original Nomad Kitchen Does it Fit Page to see if that configuration fits in your vehicle.