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Nomad Kitchen Users Group

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Nomad Kitchen Co

Nomad Kitchen Co. Shop Services We have many services to offer at our shop in Alameda, CA (in the San Francisco Bay Area). Make an appointment to come check out our showroom and say hi!

Vehicle Outfitting

If you purchase a Kitchen or Pantry from us, we will install it at our shop free of charge! Come figure out which model works for you.

Bolt-on anchor installation Whether you need Bolt-on anchors installed in the bed of your truck or you don’t have proper anchors in your vehicle, we can do the installation for you at our shop.

Fridge slide adaptor kit and slide installation

Want to add a fridge slide to one of your Nomad Kitchen units? We offer installation services.

Additional hardware insert installation

We can also install additional threaded inserts and footman loops in any Nomad Kitchen system in any location on your build.

Minor riser platform building and installation

If you have a dropdown trunk and need a riser platform so your Nomad Kitchen can clear the trunk sill, we offer basic riser platform builds and installation.

Reconditioning and repairs

If you’ve been caught in a dust storm, scratched your Nomad Kitchen or are just looking to give it some TLC, we can recondition slides, as well as apply touch up lacquer.

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