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Added a sink drain to solve my only complaint!

Love everything about the nomad kitchen, but lifting up a heavy container of dirty water to dump it, and not being able to fill it very high to keep from spilling when lifting has been a big annoyance for me.

So I added a drain! It works because we have a narrower stove which gives extra clearance under the sink, where a longer stove would normally be. We've been happy with our cute little stove, but in any case the more limited cooking area is worth it to have a drain to me. This is also a low profile drain which both fits and allows the water to run downhill from the sink.

Here are pics of the final installation, and links to the parts needed.

The process involves drilling a 2 1/4" hole through the bottom of the sink and installing the drain. Silicone tubing is used to drain the water away to a collapsable bucket to be disposed of properly. The silicone tubing is super flexible so easy to put on and take off, and to roll up and store between uses.

Check out youtube videos for advice on drilling through stainless steel. It's a lot easier than I imagined and I was able to do it with just a cordless drill. I used cutting fluid and drilled in short fast bursts to avoid smoking. Protect your eyes and be ready to shop-vac up the metal shavings when you're done. I also used an angle grinder to shorten the bolt holding the chain to the side of the sink to allow the sink to slot into the kitchen as usual. If you don't have an angle grinder you can just not install the chain to the side.

I hope this helps someone out there who has the same annoyance. Happy trails everybody.

Here are those links:



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