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The Pantry will be available on its own, can be stacked and mounted side-by-side, and will be available with an optional countertop insert. It will also be available as part of our Overlander Kit. All combinations will be available in time for Summer with preorders going on sale this Spring.

The Overlander Kit is what was envisioned when I first came up with the idea for the Original Nomad Kitchen. A full storage and kitchen system ready for multiweek overlanding adventures or a weekend of glamping. Fully modular, the system can be mounted in at least six configurations in any SUV or vehicle with at least 40 inches between the wheel wells. Perfect for small SUVs like the Subaru Forester or Toyota Rav4 and larger vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner.

Price, specs, pre-order details, and shipping times will be announced soon, make sure to keep an eye out so you can get yours in time for Summer. If you already own the Nomad Kitchen we'll have a special available for those who want to upgrade to the full Overlander Kit.

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This group is a place for people who have Nomad Kitchens to ...
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