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Liz Ramstad
Liz Ramstad

Uncommon Installs: Polaris Off Road

We designed Nomad Kitchen Co. products to be modular so that they can be configured in a variety of ways. Our Kitchen and Pantry Drawer units allow users to make the system their own and fit it to any application or vehicle. 

A modular kitchen and storage system like Nomad is a great alternative to a custom build-out for your adventure vehicle. We designed our products to allow users to achieve a custom layout without the long lead times and inflated cost of going fully custom. A Nomad Kitchen can be configured to fit personal preferences and accommodate other gear like tents, roof racks, bike racks, and food storage systems like fridges and coolers. 

Over the years, the modular nature of our products has resulted in some pretty unique installs in vehicles large and small. At just 25 inches deep, 20 inches wide, and 14…

Meet Darrel and his Toyota Tundra

As a firefighter, Darrel knows a few things about being geared up and ready to go. He's customized his Toyota Tundra so he can hit the trail at a moment's notice.

Darrel works 48 hours straight and then gets 4 days off. He loves being able to hop in his truck with his wife and go on impromptu trips or get away with the crew. They love to explore the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, but they are looking forward to trips to Utah and the Pacific Northwest this Summer.

He's paired a rooftop tent camper shell with the Nomad Kitchen LT Series Overander Kit to keep his truck functional and adventure-ready. For added accessibility, he's mounted a 17-inch wide Original Pantry Drawer to the top of his LT Kitchen as extra storage and a step that makes climbing into the rooftop tent easier…

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Customer Showcase

Toyota 4Runner with two Original Pantry Drawers

This customer outfitted their 4Runner with two 20” Original Pantry Drawers. The 20” Pantry Drawers fit perfectly next to each other in the trunk and create a nice, flush platform!

Pantry Drawers are stackable and can also be paired with the Original Nomad Kitchen, on either side of the trunk. They are available in 17” and 20” widths to accommodate different-sized trunks. You can choose to add dividers and/or countertop inserts to the Pantries for added organization and to use as a prep surface. This customer decided to get two countertop inserts for extra counter space! This flush layout also works really well as part of a bed platform.

To see a walkthrough video of this rig, click here.

William Inman
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Customer Showcase

Subaru Crosstrek with Original Nomad Kitchen

This customer added an Original Nomad Kitchen to their already decked-out Subaru Crosstrek. While the Nomad Kitchen CV fits perfectly in the Crosstrek without having to flip the backseats down, it isn’t the only option for Crosstreks! By simply flipping the 60% seat down, an Original Nomad Kitchen fits really well in the trunk, with plenty of room for other gear.

One note about all Crosstreks is that they have drop-down trunks. This means that they require a simple riser platform in order to raise the kitchen or drawer system above the trunk sill. We are always happy to help offer advice if you’re building your own, and we offer simple riser platform builds as one of our many services at our shop in Alameda.

William Inman
Apr 09

Absolutely loving this creative setup! The Original Nomad Kitchen seamlessly integrated into a Subaru Crosstrek is a game-changer for adventure enthusiasts. It's fantastic to see how versatile the Nomad Kitchen system is, providing options for different vehicle configurations like the Crosstrek. The tip about using an essays for sale online platform to academic purposes is incredibly helpful. Kudos to the customer for maximizing their Crosstrek's potential for adventure, and to Nomad Kitchen for providing such innovative solutions for life on the road!



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