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Our Story

Nomad Kitchen Co. equips mobile explorers with high-quality tools to cook the food that fuels their adventures. We empower everyone from weekend warriors to full-time nomads with the freedom to roam.

The Nomad Kitchen was born from a love for the great outdoors and a passion for creative cooking. It sprang from a belief that camping cooking doesn’t have to mean chili, mac & cheese, and hot dogs.



Why Nomad Kitchen?

The Nomad Kitchen converts your trunk into an easy to use camp kitchen, great for everyone from the hardcore adventurer to the casual weekend warrior. It’s ruggedly constructed, assembled in the USA, and provides a convenient way to prep, cook, and clean. The compact system is the fastest way to setup and breakdown basecamp and fits in most vehicles. It is so simple to install you don't even need tools, and you can easily remove it for when you need to make a big shopping trip or move furniture.

Ready To Be a Nomad With Us?

Everything you need to prepare, cook, and clean

  • Stainless steel washbasin

  • Bamboo cutting board 

  • Drying rack

  • Drawer for your favorite two-burner stove (stove sold separately)

  • Strap to attach a fuel canister

  • Hangers for trash bags, utensils and spice rack

  • Enough space to store up to 14-gallons of water (water tanks sold separately) 4-gallon tank shown

  • Plenty of storage space to keep your gear organized

  • Our patent-pending tie-down mounting system

Fits most vehicles, large or small

Wagons, crossovers, SUVs, minivans, cargo vans, and even some hatchbacks.

To ensure the Nomad Kitchen will fit your vehicle, make sure your cargo space will fit a box 25.75 inches deep, 14.25 inches tall, and 22 inches wide (dimensions including all protruding mounting hardware and red lock tabs). If your trunk floor is recessed, you will need to raise the unit enough so the drawer can clear the sill.

Check out our DOES IT FIT page for more info.

Quick and Easy Install and Removal - No Tools Required

Nomad Kitchen Co’s patent-pending kitchen and mounting system are so easy to install, it can be done by one or two people without the use of any tools or the need to remove any of your vehicle's interior panels.​

Our patent-pending mounting system makes installation easy. Just fit the hooks to the tie-down anchor points in your cargo area and ratchet tight.

Fits your favourite camp stoves

The Nomad Kitchen fits any stove with dimensions up to 14" deep, 23.75" wide, and 4.5" high or smaller.

Guaranteed to fit the following stoves and more:

  • Camp Chef: Everest, Rainier, Teton, and Summit

  • Coleman: Triton, Compact, and Classic

  • Eureka: Ignite and Ignite Plus

  • GSI: Selkirk 460 and Selkirk 540

  • Primus: Profile and Kinjia

  • Jetboil: Genesis and HalfGen

Rugged construction 

  • Designed and Assembled in California, USA

  • Rugged enough to handle whatever Overlanding and off-roading throw at it

  • Built to support up to 200 lbs

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