Select the side of your vehicle in which you intend to mount the system. The Nomad Kitchen fits on both the drivers side or passenger side. This is not a permanent choice and you can always switch sides.

With the help of a friend, place the Nomad Kitchen into your vehicle’s cargo area. 

If you have a drop-in trunk, like in the Crosstrek on the right, you will need to place the kitchen on top of an additional riser like the one shown.

Before installing your Nomad Kitchen for the first time you will need to attach the universal mounting system hardware.


With the help of a friend, remove the kitchen from its packaging and place it on a large flat surface like the floor. Open the middle drawer halfway by pushing down on the top outer red lock tab and sliding the drawer open until you can easily remove the cutting board but no further.


Remove the 4 ratchets and 4 hook straps. Leave the rubber strap, replace the cutting board, and close the kitchen (make sure to push the drawer in until it has locked securely, you will hear the lock click when secured). 

Take the 4 metal bars found with the stickers and welcome card and insert one bar into the loop in each ratchet strap. Using a Philips screwdriver attach 2 screws per ratchet to the threaded holes on the top of the kitchen. (Hand tighten - do not use a power drill)

If your vehicle has its rear seat adjacent anchor points on the sides of your trunk, like in a Subaru Forester, Subaru Outback, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Prius and many other vehicles, this instructional video will provide you with a full explanation of how to install the Nomad Kitchen in your vehicle.

For other vehicles that have their rear seat adjacent anchor points behind the seats instead of against the sides, like in the Toyota 4Runner, Honda CRV, and many others, follow the video instructions as shown.


However, you will not need to thread either of the back straps through the metal loops found on the sides of the kitchen. Instead, thread the straps directly into the ratchets and attach the strap hooks to the single anchor behind your seats that will be positioned behind the kitchen.

Make sure to adjust the strap length so the kitchen is straight and positioned as close to the chosen side as possible. Make sure the straps wrap around the side of the kitchen and stay within the notch in the top of the kitchen.

To remove the Nomad Kitchen from your vehicle:


Make sure the drawers are securely locked in the closed position.

Open the ratchet straps to the fully open position using the pressure tabs. Pull the ratchets up and away from the kitchen on each strap until there is enough slack to remove the hooks from your vehicle’s cargo tie-down anchors.

Detach the hooks from your vehicle’s cargo anchors and place the straps in a secure location so they don't get caught on anything, or scratch your car.


With two people, using all four of the handholds, move the kitchen from your trunk to a secure storage area.


For long term storage, we recommend rethreading the straps through all four metal loops and tucking the excess straps under themselves.

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