The Nomad Kitchen is water-resistant, but it is not intended to be left exposed to the elements. Make sure to clean and dry your Nomad Kitchen of all food and liquids thoroughly between uses.

For Cleaning:

Nomad Kitchen wooden paneling – Dry and clean the surface with a clean cloth. Avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean the surface as they may damage the finish. 

Cutting board – Your Nomad Kitchen Cutting Board is made from bamboo. Bamboo is more resistant to bacteria than wooden cutting boards. Clean your bamboo cutting board with soapy water (we recommend biodegradable soap in the wilderness). Rub with mineral oil between trips to help retain moisture and prevent cracking.


Washbasin and Drying Rack – Make sure your washbasin has been wiped out and dried before closing your kitchen up in a vehicle or storing your home. This will increase the life of the Nomad Kitchen and prevent spilling. Wash the washbasin and drying rack with soap between trips.


Stove drawer baseplate – Be sure to wipe off the baseplate between uses. To clean the stove drawer base plate, remove your stove and wipe with a clean damp towel. You can use the slots on the bottom to help remove any food particles that may have accumulated while cooking.

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