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Nomad Kitchen LT

The Nomad Kitchen LT (which stands for Long and Tailgate compatible) will fit any truck with a 5 ft or longer bed, as well as any cargo van, and many SUVs with fold-flat seats. It includes a stainless steel washbasin, space for your favorite two-burner camping stove, and a pantry storage cubby hidden under a removable countertop.


The companion LT Pantry offers a ton of storage and can fit up to 5 dividers under up to three countertops that slide into the closed container.


The exterior of the LT Kitchen and Pantry are coated in a ruggedized scratch-resistant truck bed liner for whatever the trail or job site can throw at it.


LT units fit any vehicle with room for a box with dimensions 59.5 inches deep, 18.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high (plus ratchet straps and red lock tabs) and require 4 tiedown anchor points.

The Nomad Kitchen LT is 59.5 inches deep, 18.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high
LT Pantry Drawers can be paired with the Nomad Kitchen LT
  • All Nomad Kitchen LTs and LT Pantry Drawers can be mounted on either the driver-side or passenger-side.

  • LT Pantries are stackable and can be bolted on top of or underneath the LT Kitchen.

  • Pantries can be paired in a split or adjacent layout with any of our LT line kitchens and Pantries.