Our Story

​The Nomad Kitchen is the formation of decades of cooking and camping experiences, that have taken us from Yosemite to Everest Basecamp and back. This is not to brag, this is our way of saying: we get it.  We hike, we swim, we climb, we bike, and at the start and end of the day, we’re hungry. We want to eat a hot meal that’s satisfying, and we want it to be convenient to prep, easy to cook, and quick to clean up. 

​From those needs grew our desire to create a new standard for what is possible from a basecamp kitchen.  The outcome:

Nomad Kitchen.

We designed and build our products placing our priority quality, strength, and  craftsmanship. Nomad Kitchen Systems are designed and manufactured in California using domestic materials when available to ensure workers’ rights, quality assurance, and environmental impacts meet our high standards and values.

Company Profile

Nomad Kitchen Company manufactures and markets kitchen products for camping, overlanding, and tailgating enthusiasts. Nomad Kitchen Co’s goal is to be the leader in the manufacturing and sales of vehicle-mounted kitchen and storage systems. The company’s patent-pending kitchen and mounting system is the first and only vehicle-mounted kitchen to offer space for food prep, cooking, and cleaning while fitting into most vehicles, from hatchbacks to commercial vans and SUVs. Nomad Kitchen Co was developed to expand cooking and camping culture and create convenience in connecting people with the great outdoors. Nomad Kitchen Co is headquartered in Oakland, California, USA.


Earthquakes, wildfires, and other natural disasters are an unavoidable reality, and being prepared before disaster strikes is a necessity. Living my whole life in a high-risk area, I designed the Nomad Kitchen to help make preparation a lot quicker and easier to wrap our heads around. I always store a Nomad Kitchen fully stocked with water and rations in my car along with a first aid kit, change of clothes, and an emergency blanket or sleeping bag. Please consider the Nomad Kitchen as an addition to your emergency preparedness kit, but remember, no amount of equipment will save your life. At most, it’ll make the hard times a little easier to swallow. Be sure to make an emergency preparedness plan for you and your loved ones.


Big Basin Redwoods State Park

CZU Lightning Complex Fire 2020