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Last Call to Pre-Order your Nomad Kitchen!

Pre-order your Nomad Kitchen by Wednesday, August 26th  to take advantage of discount pricing and ensure your order is included in the first shipment.

After August 26th, you will have to wait to place an order until after all pre-orders have shipped.

Continue below to check out our manufacturing and packaging updates.


Our team is continuing to manufacture the first batch of Nomad Kitchens, frame by frame. The kitchens are being hand-assembled by our skilled team here in California. We have had a couple of minor delays in receiving some components. If this delay causes us to miss our intended plan of shipping by Labor Day, we will hopefully ship the following week. We apologize for this unexpected delay and will continue to update you on our progress. 

We want to make sure that no matter how your package is handled during shipping, your kitchen arrives at your door in perfect working order. That's why we've engineered custom packaging and put it to the test by beating the sh*t out of it. To our delight, the packaging and Nomad Kitchen hold up to some serious abuse.

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