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We have funded 150% of our Indiegogo campaign goal

Thank you to all our backers and followers! We have now funded 150% of our Indiegogo campaign goal. We are so glad to see the momentum continue and we hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and sane while sheltering in place. Preparations for the first production run continue. We've acquired 200 stainless steel washbasins and have begun production of a new custom wire drying rack and storage basket sample. The final basket will be made in Illinois, USA and will have more capacity than the one shown in our promotional content. We have also been working on a Nomad Kitchen Cookbook, which will include 25 breakfasts, mains, sides, and desserts to add more flavor to your Nomad Kitchen experience. All recipes work with just a two-burner stove and one to two pots and/or pans. The illustrated cookbook will include my personal favorites: Chocolate Chip Pizzookie and One-Pot Thai Curry. Over the next month, we are offering a referral program. Refer a friend who purchases a Nomad Kitchen before May 17th and receive a bonus. See the details below. We still have 29 Nomad Kitchens available at the $799 price point. Make sure to get yours while they are still available as prices go up to $899 as soon as those run out. Thank you for supporting our journey to bring you the best mobile camp kitchen! Sam Gross CEO & Founder, Nomad Kitchen Co.


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