The Nomad Kitchen Cookbook was developed from decades of wilderness and travel experience. This cookbook was written to share the love of cooking with others. Each recipe has been developed to give the ability to eat well and not be stuck going to a restaurant, or just eating mac ‘n cheese at the campground, (although we did include a great homemade mac recipe).


Over the years, these recipes have been developed to allow us to cook so many of the same meals we like to cook at home, while on the road or at basecamp. This cookbook has something for everyone, vegetarians included.


The meals found in this cookbook are designed to be possible on a two-burner stove. They are easy to cook, require minimal tools, and leave you with as few dishes to clean up as possible.  That’s all you’ll find in here; no scrolling through lengthy blogs about where the author first discovered cumin, just simple recipes that make life on the road more flavorful.


Have fun out there, and remember, food just tastes better in the great outdoors.