You are now the proud owner of a Nomad Kitchen. Thank you for choosing Nomad Kitchen Co. for your car camping, overlanding, and tailgating kitchen needs. We hope you enjoy the new freedom and capabilities your Nomad Kitchen brings.

All vehicles are different. In these instruction manuals, we have attempted to cover mounting for as many vehicles as possible. Some steps, and the optional riser/leveling shim, may not be necessary for every vehicle. However, mounting in any situation require the concepts presented herewith in. 


The most important things to be noted are that at least one corner of the back of your Kitchen or Pantry must be anchored with a strap running straight down from the top through at least one footman loop guide bar to prevent the drawer from tipping when open. The other corners can be mounted using the guide bars on the sides. The side guides are there to keep your straps out of the way and to prevent the system from shifting or moving side to side.


Beyond that, make sure the system is leveled within your vehicle and the drawers are raised high enough to clear the trunk sill (install riser/leveling shim if necessary). If your vehicle has a drop-down trunk you may need to construct a raised platform to mount your kitchen on top of.

Please click on the PDF links below for a digital copy of your product's user manual.


Video Mounting instructions show standard mounting configuration and include how to install the optional leveling/riser shim for use in vehicles with sloped cargo floors and raised trunk sills.

Original Nomad Kitchen

Nomad Kitchen CV