Terms and Conditions


Your Nomad Kitchen is guaranteed from all manufacturing defects for the first one year to the original owner. Warranty does not cover any damage caused by dropping or using the kitchen in any way other than suggested by Nomad Kitchen Company LLC. The Nomad Kitchen is a piece of wooden cabinetry and should be treated with the care associated with such products. Please use caution when moving, installing, or operating your Nomad Kitchen. Improper use can result in injury or damage to your vehicle. 

Extent of Warranty Coverage

This Warranty will be null and void if any:

  1. unauthorized modification or alteration is made

  2. unauthorized or non-standard part is installed

  3. maintenance or repair is performed during the warranty period by anyone other than an authorized repair shop



This warranty does not extend to any products: (a) that have been subject to misuse, neglect, abuse, improper storage, accident (other than an accident caused by the product itself), or that have not been properly maintained; (b) that have been modified by any Third Party; or (c) that have been disassembled, serviced, or reassembled by any Third Party. THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND EXCEPT FOR ANY EXPRESS WARRANTIES STATED HEREIN, NOMAD KITCHEN COMPANY LLC EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF QUALITY, CONDITION, MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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