1. What’s included with a Nomad Kitchen?
    Our patent-pending Nomad Kitchen includes a stainless steel washbasin, drying rack storage basket, bamboo precise-fit cutting board, custom strap for mounting your stove’s fuel canister, hooks for hanging utensils, trash bags, and accessories, and everything you need to install the kitchen.

    The kitchen base price does not include a stove or water tank - although a compatible two-burner stove and water tank are available as add ons. The kitchen is compatible with many different stoves (see below, What stoves are compatible?). Up to two 7-gallon water tanks can fit on top of the kitchen for extended trips.

    We hope to be able to add additional accessories in the future!


  2. What are the dimensions/weight of the kitchen?
    The kitchen weighs 60 lbs empty, not including the stove or any other accessories stored inside. When closed, the Nomad Kitchen is 25 inches deep (not including the 1/2 inch red lock tabs), 14 inches tall (not including 1/4 inch protruding mounting system in each of the four corners), and 20 inches wide (not including the protruding ratchets that extend out 1 inch on each side). When deployed, the drawer extends to provide 4 feet of additional kitchen space and can support 200 lbs.


  3. What stoves are compatible?
    The slide-out stove drawer space is compatible with many different camp stoves, including (but not limited to):

    -Camp Chef: Everest, Rainier, Teton, and Summit
    -Coleman: Triton, Compact, and Classic
    -Eureka: Ignite and Ignite Plus
    -GSI: Selkirk 460, and Selkirk 540
    -Primus: Profile and Kinjia
    -Jetboil: Genesis and HalfGen
    The Nomad Kitchen fits any stove with dimensions up to 14" deep, 23.75" wide, and 4.5" high.


  4. How do I install a Nomad Kitchen?
    Installation is truly simple with the Nomad Kitchen - the unit is secured with our patent-pending tie-down mounting system which hooks into your vehicle’s cargo anchor points; standard in most vehicles. No tools required. The kitchen is sturdy, weighing 60 lbs, so we do recommend 2 people lift it in or out of the vehicle. Installation is not permanent. The kitchen is designed to be moved in and out, providing full access to your cargo area when needed.


    We can’t guarantee fit in every car, but the Nomad Kitchen is compatible with most hatchbacks and SUVs without any modification. In most cases, if your vehicle has four tie-down anchor points, the Nomad Kitchen will fit. Some vehicles with recessed trunk floors may require a riser to allow clearance for the drawer to slide out. Nomad Kitchens come with two ¾” leveling risers to help clear tailgates and raised trunk sills and level the kitchen when parked on uneven ground.

    We recommend measuring your trunk to see if you have enough room using our dimensions: 25.75 inches deep (including the red lock tabs), 14.25 inches tall, and 22 inches wide (including the ratchets).

    For a list of vehicles that we have tested the Nomad Kitchen in, and others that the Nomad Kitchen should fit in, please follow this link to the "Does it Fit?" page.


    Yes, you can install the Nomad Kitchen in a pickup bed. Most trucks will come with tie-down anchors, however, in some trucks, they may just not be in the most ideal location. For the best fit, we recommend installing tie-down anchor D-rings into the floor of your bed. To mount the Nomad Kitchen to a vehicle you need a minimum of 3 tie-down anchor points that are less than 13 inches above the truck bed. If that is not already the case here are your options:

    In most cases, you can install bolt-on tie-down anchors to the floor of your pickup bed. You will want two tie-down anchors near the rear of your truck bed and at least one near the back of the kitchen. Most trucks have steel beds that allow you to drill and bolt in D-rings almost anywhere. This is your best option for mounting the kitchen in the most ideal locations.

    If you have rails on the floor you can add bolt-on anchor hardware and adjust them to line up with the kitchen's side-mounted ratchet strap hooks and you should be good to go. (This is common in some Nissan trucks)


    The original Nomad Kitchen is available for pre-order on IndieGoGo - early-bird discounts have ended, but pre-orders are still available at a substantial discount (Currently $899, tax included). Preorders are scheduled to be shipped out by Labor Day 2020. You can check out the sale here. 


  8. How much does it cost?
    The Nomad Kitchen will have an MSRP of $1,099. Accessories including compatible stoves and water tanks will also be available. Pre-orders are still available at $200 off and include tax. This price will only be available during summer 2020 on Indiegogo.com. Check it out here.


  9. What is the warranty?
    We will offer a limited warranty covering any malfunction due to manufacturing error. Cosmetic wear and tear or issues resulting from the misuse of the unit will not be covered.


  10. What is the Return policy?

New, unused kitchens in their original unopened packaging are eligible for a full refund less original shipping costs within 30 days of purchase. 

We stand by our products and want you to be happy with your purchase.

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