Frequently Asked Questions


What’s included with a Nomad Kitchen?

The patent-pending Nomad Kitchen comes with two lock in and lock out drawers equipped with: - stainless steel washbasin - drying rack/storage basket - bamboo cutting board - adjustable rubber strap for mounting your stove’s fuel canister - four (4) hooks for hanging accessories such as utensils, trash bags, etc. - our patent-pending universal mounting strap system
The kitchen base price does not include a stove or water tank - although we do sell compatible two-burner stoves and water tanks in our store. The kitchen is compatible with a variety of water tanks and stoves (see below, What stoves fit in the Nomad Kitchen?)

How big is the Nomad Kitchen?

When closed, the Nomad Kitchen is 25.5 inches deep (including the 1/2 inch red lock tabs), 14.5 inches tall (including 1/2 inch protruding mounting system located above each of the 4 corners), and 22.5 inches wide (including the protruding ratchet strap mounting system on the sides). When deployed, the drawers extend out to provide 4 feet of additional kitchen space.

What stoves fit in the Nomad Kitchen?

The Nomad Kitchen fits any stove with dimensions up to 14" deep, 23.75" wide, and 4.5" high. The slide-out stove drawer space is compatible with many different camp stoves, including (but not limited to):
-Camp Chef: Everest* and Teton
-Coleman: Triton, Compact, and Classic
-Eureka: Ignite
-GSI: Selkirk 460 and Selkirk 540
-Primus: Profile and Kinjia
-Jetboil: Genesis and HalfGen -Partner Steel Co Camp Partner: 9"2 burner stove (16", 18", and 22" 2 Burner Stoves should also fit, but have not yet been tested) *The Camp Chef Everest is the largest stove that the Nomad Kitchen was designed to fit. In order to open the Everest you will have to push and flex the side wind guards against both the inside of the stove drawer face and the outside of the clean/prep drawer face with a fair amount of pressure in order to get it to latch. This has the added benefit of holding the stove in place.

Where is the Nomad Kitchen made?

The Nomad Kitchen is designed and assembled by hand in California, USA We have made an attempt to have as many of the Nomad Kitchen's components manufactured in the USA as possible. Our kitchen's wooden frames, drying rack/storage baskets, propane support straps, and mounting systems are all Made in the USA. Our cutting board is manufactured in the USA from bamboo produced abroad. Our washbasins, drawer slides, plastic hangers, and fasteners are made abroad. We continue to look for quality affordable components domestically, however, some things are just not available at this time.​​

How much does the Nomad Kitchen weigh?

The kitchen weighs just under 60 lbs, not including the stove or any other accessories stored inside.

How much weight can the Nomad Kitchen support?

Fully extended, the Nomad Kitchen can support up to 200 lbs. More than enough to support the weight of even the biggest meal. Make sure your tiedown anchor points can support the weight of the kitchen along with anything you may place on or in it.


How do I mount the Nomad Kitchen in my vehicle?

Each Nomad Kitchen comes with our patent-pending universal mounting strap system. We made installation truly simple - our universal mounting system is composed of a custom hook and ratchet strap configuration that securely anchors the kitchen to your vehicle’s cargo tie-down points (standard in most SUVs, wagons, and vans), while keeping straps out of your way. No tools are required: just thread the straps, hook the anchors, and ratchet to secure the Nomad Kitchen. The best part is, Installation is not permanent. The kitchen is designed to be moved in and out, providing full access to your cargo area when needed and makes for an easy transfer from one vehicle to another.

Will the Nomad Kitchen fit in any car?

We can’t guarantee fit in every car, but the Nomad Kitchen is compatible with most SUVs, crossovers, and wagons without any modification. In most cases, if your vehicle has four tie-down anchor points, the Nomad Kitchen will fit. Some vehicles with recessed trunk floors may require a riser to allow clearance for the drawer to slide out. Nomad Kitchens come with two ¾" shims to help clear tailgates and slightly raised trunk sills and to level the kitchen when parked on uneven ground.​ We recommend measuring your trunk to see if you have enough room using our dimensions: 25.5 inches deep (including the red lock tabs), 14.5 inches tall (including 1/2 inch protruding mounting system located above each of the 4 corners), and 22.5 inches wide (including the ratchets).
For a list of vehicles that we have tested the Nomad Kitchen in, and others that the Nomad Kitchen should fit in, please follow the link in the menu above to the "Does it Fit?" page.

Will the Nomad Kitchen fit in a pickup truck or cargo van?

Yes, you can install the Nomad Kitchen in a pickup bed or cargo van floor. Most trucks and vans will come with tie-down anchors. However, in many, the anchor points are not in the most ideal location. For the best fit, we recommend installing tie-down anchor points or D-rings into the floor of your truck bed or cargo van floor. To mount the Nomad Kitchen to a vehicle you need a minimum of 3 tie-down anchor points on or near the floor of your cargo area. If your vehicle does not come with factory installed anchor points or the anchor points are not in an ideal location, here are your options:

In most pickup trucks and cargo vans, you can add D-ring tiedown anchors, almost anywhere in your truck bed or cargo van floor. For creating the most secure mounting system we recommend installing bolt-on tiedown anchors adjacent to where the mounting straps on your kitchen attach so you can quickly and easily pop it in and out of your favorite spot in your truck or cargo van. You can either install riv-nuts, or you can use self-tapping screws to install the anchors. You can put new anchors almost anywhere in your truck bed or cargo van floor, just make sure when you are installing the riv-nuts or self-tapping screws that you check under the bed or floor to make sure it's clear of anything important. We recommend waiting to get your kitchen before you drill any holes so you know exactly where you want it. If you have tiedown tracks or rails on the floor you can add bolt-on anchor hardware and adjust them to line up with the kitchen's side-mounted ratchet strap hooks and you should be good to go. (This is common in some Nissan trucks)

Will the Nomad Kitchen fit in a Minivan?

Minivans have drop-down trunks for storing the 3rd row of seats. This does add some challenges when mounting the Nomad Kitchen, but it is still possible with some creativity. You either build a platform or having one of the 3rd-row seats folded down into the storage compartment. The only challenge is easily accessing enough tie-down anchor points. We recommend installing additional D-rings as you would in a pickup truck bed or cargo van to make mounting and removal more simple in the long run.

Warranty, Return Policy, and Shipping

​​What is the warranty policy on a Nomad Kitchen?

Your Nomad Kitchen is guaranteed from all manufacturing defects for the first year to the original owner. Warranty does not cover any damage caused by dropping, vehicluar accidents/collisions, or using the kitchen in any way other than suggested by Nomad Kitchen Company LLC. Product failure or damage due to improper installation will not be covered by this warranty. The Nomad Kitchen is a piece of wooden cabinetry and should be treated with the care associated with such products. Check your vehicle’s tie-down anchor point load rating before installing your Nomad Kitchen. Please use caution when moving, installing, or operating your Nomad Kitchen. Improper use can result in injury or damage to your vehicle.

Extent of Warranty Coverage

This Warranty will be null and void if: Installed improperly Any unauthorized modification or alteration is made Any unauthorized or non-standard part is installed Any maintenance or repair is performed during the warranty period by anyone other than an authorized repair shop The suggested weight limit is exceeded ​​

This warranty does not extend to any products: (a) that have been subject to misuse, neglect, abuse, improper storage, accident (other than an accident caused by the product itself), or that have not been properly maintained; (b) that have been modified by any Third Party; or (c) that have been disassembled, serviced, or reassembled by any Third Party. THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND EXCEPT FOR ANY EXPRESS WARRANTIES STATED HEREIN, NOMAD KITCHEN COMPANY LLC EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF QUALITY, CONDITION, MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

What is the return policy?

Nomad Kitchen Co will accept return requests for purchases within the first 15 days after delivery. New, unused kitchens in new condition and in their original packaging are eligible for a full refund less the original cost of shipping and restocking fee. Due to safety precautions, kitchens that have had the mounting hardware opened, installed, or attempted to be installed or have been mounted or attempted to be mounted to a vehicle cannot be returned. All merchandise returned to Nomad Kitchen Co must be in original packaging with all original items (e.g., manuals, stickers, mounting hardware, etc.) that came in the box. Nomad Kitchen Co charges a restocking fee for returns of undamaged and non-defective products. The restocking fee is $100. The refund you receive will be net of the restocking fee, shipping expenses, and any applicable taxes. Once a return request is approved, you will have 15 calendar days to return the item to Nomad Kitchen Co. Customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

Where do you ship and how much do you charge for shipping?

- We offer free shipping on all Nomad Kitchens to any physical address in the lower 48 U.S. States and D.C. - We offer shipping on all Nomad Kitchens to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska for $100. - Accessories ship separately and are charged their own shipping fee. - International shipping is available worldwide on all products. Rates depend on the region. Enter your address at checkout to see rates.

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