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The Nomad Kitchen CV provides all the same features as the Original Nomad Kitchen in a low-profile, single-tier pull-out kitchen. Small enough for compact vehicles, but versatile enough for SUVs, small crossovers, wagons, trailers, and vans. The Nomad Kitchen CV also makes a perfect base for a bed platform leaving plenty of headroom in any SUV.


All Nomad Kitchen Systems lock in both the closed and open position to ensure your kitchen stays closed on the roughest terrain and your meal is stable while cooking.


Nomad Kitchen Systems are covered by US Patent Numbers 11466861 and 11732896.

Nomad Kitchen Systems are designed and manufactured in California, USA.

Nomad Kitchen CV

Color: Natural Clear Coat

    • Stainless steel washbasin
    • Bamboo cutting board
    • Drying rack/storage basket
    • Drawer for the two-burner stove (stove sold separately)
    • Adjustable strap to attach a 1 lb propane tank and secure your stove while in transit
    • Hanger hook for accessories, trash bags, hand towels, utensils, etc.
    • Space for a water tank (water tank sold separately)
    • Plenty of storage space (internal storage bags sold separately)
    • Our proprietary universal mounting strap system
    • 3/4 inch riser/leveling shim
    • Sticker pack

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