These stainless steel anchor points provide a bolt-on option that allows you to more conveniently mount Nomad Kitchen Systems to any vehicle whether your vehicle didn't come with enough or any anchor points or you are just looking to position your Nomad Kitchen System in a more appealing location than the factory anchor points offer.


When positioned in the right location, these anchor points keep your mounting straps out of the way and allow you to mount and remove your Nomad Kitchen System in as little as a minute flat.


Comes with 4 D-rings, 4 anchor plates, and 8 machine screws.

All parts are made from stainless steel. 


1200 lbs break strength

400 lbs working load limit


This product is made in China. 


To install, predrill holes directly into the metal bed or frame of any vehicle and screw in the included self-tapping screws. Cut a slit through any carpeting to access the frame before drilling any holes. Before installing, make sure the location you are choosing to mount does not cause the drill bit or screws to make contact with any hidden wiring, mechanical parts, or fuel lines.


Please use caution and care when installing to avoid damage or injury. Please note that drilling holes and installing bolt on anchor points in your vehicle should be done by an experienced professional and at the vehicle owner’s risk.

D-Ring Anchor Points Stainless Steel (4-pack)

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