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The Nomad Kitchen LT  (Long and Tailgate compatible) Pantry Drawer is the perfect pull-out drawer for any truck, cargo van, or SUV with true fold-flat seats. 

The LT Pantry Drawer offers over 4,180 cubic inches of storage space in a secure drawer. Available Countertop inserts and dividers help you stay organized and customize your layout. 

Our beautiful clear-coated Countertop inserts can be exchanged between the LT Pantry and LT Kitchen.  Fits up to 3 Countertop inserts and up to 5 dividers.


At 59.5 inches deep the Nomad Kitchen LT Pantry will fit any truck with a 5-foot or larger bed, cargo vans, and even SUVs with true fold-flat seats or minivans with rear seats removed.


Its rugged construction features an abrasion-resistant polyurethane exterior coating made from a spray-on truck bed liner, making it virtually scratch-proof and adding extra protection from the elements.


LT Pantry Drawer includes:

  • Proprietary universal mounting strap system (available in two lengths: 4 foot for single or split layout or 8 foot for pairing adjacent against a Nomad Kitchen LT or another LT Pantry Drawer)
  • Bolt-on riser and leveling shim for clearing tailgates that do not fold down completely flat
  • Sticker pack
  • Optional Bolt-on D-rings
  • Optional Countertop Inserts (fits up to 3)
  • Optional Section Dividers (fits up to 5) - divider insert locations are spaced evenly every 9.25 inches.


All LT Pantries can be mounted on either the driver-side or passenger-side.

Pantries are stackable and can be bolted on top of or underneath the LT Kitchen.


Pantries can be paired in a split or adjacent layout with any of our LT line kitchens and Pantries.



14" wide x 56.9" long x 5.25" high. (5" high under countertop inserts)

4,182.15 cubic inches of storage space


Closed: 59.5" long (just under 5 feet) x 18.5" wide x 7.5" high 

Extended: 9' 9.5" long x 18.5" wide x 7.5" high 

Base Weight: 69 lbs


The drawer of the LT Pantry Drawer has been tested to support up to 150 lbs.


Make sure your tie-down anchor points can support the weight of the Pantry along with anything you may place on its drawers when they are extended.


The exterior shell of the LT Pantry Drawer has been tested to support 500 lbs on top.


We do not recommend exceeding the tested weights.


For the complete Nomad experience, be sure to check out the LT Overlander Kit, which comes with 1 LT Pantry Drawer, 1 Countertop insert, 3 dividers, the LT Kitchen, internal storage bag, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Nomad Kitchen Systems are covered by US Patent Number 11466861 and are designed and manufactured in California, USA.

LT Pantry Drawer


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