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The Nomad Kitchen LT (Long and Tailgate compatible) is the perfect pull-out kitchen for any truck, cargo van, or SUV with true fold-flat seats. Our unique design combines the features of the Original Nomad Kitchen with the storage and counter space of the Nomad Kitchen Pantry.


At 59.5" deep, the Nomad Kitchen LT will fit any truck with a 5-foot or larger bed, cargo vans, and even SUVs with a true fold-flat cargo area.


Its rugged construction features an abrasion-resistant polyurethane exterior coating made from spray-on truck bed liner, making it virtually scratch-proof and protected from the elements.


The beautiful clear-coated Countertop insert behind the washbasin makes it easier to reach the washbasin or water tank spigot over the tailgate. The water jug can either be positioned on the Countertop surface or on your tailgate with the hose line from the optional faucet. We've also included a large pantry storage area under the Countertop insert.


Nomad Kitchen Systems are covered by US Patent Numbers 11466861 and 11732896.

Nomad Kitchen Systems are designed and manufactured in California, USA.

Nomad Kitchen LT

  • Fully outfitted Nomad Kitchens provide you with everything you need to prep, cook, and clean.

    • Stainless steel washbasin (in sink storage bag sold separately)
    • Hidden pantry storage area under the built-in countertop
    • Platform for storing and operating a two-burner stove (stove sold separately)
    • Bamboo cutting board
    • Adjustable rubber support strap to attach a 1 lb propane tank and secure your stove while in transit
    • 2 hanger hooks (one on each side) for accessories, trash bags, hand towels, utensils, etc.
    • Space for a water tank (water tank sold separately)
    • Cutouts for USB-charged faucet hose line (faucet sold separately)
    • Our proprietary universal mounting strap system
    • Bolt-on riser and leveling shim for clearing tailgates that do not fold down completely flat (Chevy, GMC, etc.)
    • Sticker pack

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