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We’ve gotten a lot of questions about which Nomad Kitchen is best for the FJ Cruiser. One of these legendary adventure vehicles came into the shop recently, and we fit an Overlander Kit with two 20” Pantry Drawers in it.

For this setup, we recommend installing bolt-on anchors to each side of the front of the trunk, as the D-ring anchors in the FJ are too close to the middle of the trunk to hook into. The back two anchors closest to the seats are in a good location, so you do not have to replace those. It is possible to mount an Overlander Kit using only the back anchor points, but we do not recommend it. For overlanding on uneven terrain, you definitely need the Kitchen and Pantry Drawers to be secured in the front and back. The middle photo shows what the bolt-on anchors look like when they are attached to the side of the trunk. We were able to easily access a mountable location by cutting away a small section of the plastic flooring.

The third photo shows another option for the FJ, which is to use the stock anchor points and mount an Original Kitchen on one side with a Pantry Drawer either on top or below the Kitchen. As you can see, the anchor points are both closer than the ones we installed for the customer who picked up the Overlander Kit.

We hope you all are getting excited for the summer! We can’t wait to see the awesome trips you go on and how you use your Nomad Kitchens this season.


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