All Kitchens and Pantries are available in Black or Clear Coat

Original Nomad Kitchen


Fits most SUVs, Wagons, Trucks, and Vans.

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Nomad Kitchen CV (Compact Vehicle)

A lower profile designed to fit subcompact SUVs, crossovers, wagons, and hatchbacks.

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Pantry Kit


A modular storage system without kitchen features with two Pantry Drawers and a removable Countertop.

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Overlander Kit


The complete modular storage and cooking experience combining the Pantry Kit with the Original Nomad Kitchen.

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Ready to become a nomad?

  • Designed and manufactured in California, USA

  • Rugged enough to handle whatever overlanding and off-roading throw at it

  • Nomad Kitchen Systems are built to support up to 200 lbs (our Pantry Drawers can hold up to 100 lbs)

  • No support leg needed thanks to our cantilever design and secure ratchet strap mounting system.

Rugged construction 

All Nomad Kitchen Systems fit any stove with dimensions up to 14 inches deep, 23.75 inches wide, and 4.5 inches high or smaller. For a list of compatible stoves see our FAQs Page.

Fits your favorite camp stoves

Our patent-pending universal mounting strap system makes installation easy. Just hook the included straps to the tie-down anchor points in your cargo area and ratchet to secure in place.

Easy to take in and out of any vehicle

No Tools Required

There's a Nomad Kitchen for everyone, whether its a 5-door commuter or the most robust adventure rig.

  • Stainless steel washbasin

  • Bamboo cutting board

  • Drying rack/storage basket

  • Drawer for a two-burner stove (stove sold separately)

  • Support strap to attach a fuel canister

  • Hangers for accessories, utensils, and/or trash bags

  • Space for a water tank (water tank sold separately)

  • Universal ratchet strap mounting system

  • Plenty of storage space with our optional Internal Storage Bags

All Nomad Kitchen Systems come with everything you need to prepare, cook, and clean

Fuel your adventure with a Nomad Kitchen.

Nomad Kitchen Co. has your mobile kitchen and storage needs covered, wherever your drive takes you - camping, overlanding, road trips, tailgating, festivals, or the trailhead.