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Get 5% off products and 25% off shipping when you order an Original Nomad Kitchen Overlander Kit.

Whether you're headed out for a multiweek overlanding journey or a weekend of glamping, our modular Overlander Kit comes with all your kitchen and storage needs.


The Overlander Kit comes with:

  • One (1) Original Nomad Kitchen ($1199 or $1299 value, depending on color)
  • One (1) Original Pantry Drawer with one countertop insert and one set of dividers ($549.97-$649.97 value, depending on color and size) available in 17-inch and 20-inch widths
  • Two burner stove - GSI Selkirk 540+ ($149.95 value)
  • Utensil Roll - ($89.99 value)
  • Propane Tank Bag - ($39.99 value)
  • Packing Cube - Washbasin ($69.99 value)
  • Packing Cube - Basket ($49.99 value)
  • Packing Cube - Pantry Small ($44.99 - $49.99 value - depending on 17" or 20" pantry)
  • Packing Cube - Pantry Large ($64.99 - $79.99 value - depending on 17" or 20" pantry)
  • Dometic water faucet ($99.99 value)
  • Dometic water jug 11L ($69.99 value)


All Nomad Kitchen Systems lock in both the closed and open position to ensure your kitchen stays closed on the roughest terrain and your meal is stable while cooking. 


The Pantry countertop slides in when closed.


    Nomad Kitchen Systems are covered by US Patent Numbers 11466861 and 11732896.


    Nomad Kitchen Systems and Organization Bags are designed and manufactured in California, USA.

      Original Nomad Kitchen Overlander Kit

      $2,428.88 Regular Price
      $2,307.44Sale Price
      • For vehicles with 37 - 40 inches between the wheel wells/anchor pointsselect the 17-inch wide Pantry Drawer Option to fit the pantry to the side of your Nomad Kitchen.

        For mounting your Pantry to the Side of your Original Nomad  Kitchen in a vehicle with greater than 40 inches between the wheel wells/anchor points, or to stack a pantry on top of or under the Original Nomad Kitchen, select the 20-inch wide Pantry Drawer Option.

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