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Dividers are made of 1/4" thick birch ply coated in lacquer. They slide into notches in and out of the sides of our pantries, making them easily movable. Dividers are lower than the top edge of the Pantry allowing the countertops to fit on top perfectly. This prevents any interference with the countertops, allowing them to slide into the Pantry when closed.


LT Dividers - The five divider notches are spaced evenly through the LT Pantry about every 9.25 inches. LT Pantries fit up to 5 dividers. LT Divider is for one (1) divider.

Original Pantry V2.0 Dividers - Come in a set of two pieces that create four quadrants. The quadrants perfectly fit a 1lb. propane tank, utensils, and two other compartments for whatever else you want to keep in your pantries. The Original Pantry V2.0 divider is for one set of two quadrant dividers.

Pantry Dividers


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