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Howdy! Just installed the Pantry Kit with Set Power slide on my Bronco Sport (Base). The only two adjustments needed were:

  1. Adding a 4-inche base to rise the drawers. This is because the trunk on the Base is lower than in other models.

  2. Change the location of the tie-down on the front left. I couldn’t get the drawer secured with the recommended place (I.e. front left side/not on the top as mine) because of the size of the straps on the tie down. Has anyone faced this before? I’m thinking on buying another one that might fit better.

Now it’s time to put to test in Central Washington. Thanks y’all!

Feb 15, 2023

Hi Luiz! The Pantry Kit looks awesome in your Bronco. I have two suggestions for securing the drawer in the recommended location. First, make sure the ratchet-end is installed with the side footman loop on top of it. This will hold the strap in place on the side of the Pantry, keeping it off the top and allowing you to securely strap down the Pantry Drawers. There is a photo of this on page 4 of the Instruction Manual. Second, if you swap the ratchet-end straps so the longer one is in the front left position, they both may work more effectively and it will get rid of some of the excess strap in the front, tidying it up. Try both of these and see what works best for you, but regardless of which ratchet-end is in front, make sure to put the footman loop over it on the side. Hope this helps!



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