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Hi all, received by overland kit last week and finally had a day off today to install it in my 2011 outback. I am not the most mechanical/handy type of person so it took me a little longer than most probably to install it, since i read and watched the video instructions over and over for every step, but overall it was pretty easy. Now I feel like it will be really fast and easy to take it in and out of the car in-between adventures. One question, with the way i have it installed i have 4 of the footman loops with screws and 2 larger screws left over, is this correct or did i miss a loop somewhere? Looking forward to many adventures with this setup, Cameron

Derek Flanagan
Stephanie Schlegel
Rachelle Bowen
Rachelle Bowen
Jan 16, 2022

I came here looking for this exact setup! I have the kitchen in my Outback but was concerned the setup would be too tall for my water with the added pantry drawer, looks like I can squeeze it in! Happy camping!



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