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Customer Showcase

Toyota 4Runner with two Original Pantry Drawers

This customer outfitted their 4Runner with two 20” Original Pantry Drawers. The 20” Pantry Drawers fit perfectly next to each other in the trunk and create a nice, flush platform!

Pantry Drawers are stackable and can also be paired with the Original Nomad Kitchen, on either side of the trunk. They are available in 17” and 20” widths to accommodate different-sized trunks. You can choose to add dividers and/or countertop inserts to the Pantries for added organization and to use as a prep surface. This customer decided to get two countertop inserts for extra counter space! This flush layout also works really well as part of a bed platform.

To see a walkthrough video of this rig, click here.

William Inman


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