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Meet Darrel and his Toyota Tundra

As a firefighter, Darrel knows a few things about being geared up and ready to go. He's customized his Toyota Tundra so he can hit the trail at a moment's notice.

Darrel works 48 hours straight and then gets 4 days off. He loves being able to hop in his truck with his wife and go on impromptu trips or get away with the crew. They love to explore the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, but they are looking forward to trips to Utah and the Pacific Northwest this Summer.

He's paired a rooftop tent camper shell with the Nomad Kitchen LT Series Overander Kit to keep his truck functional and adventure-ready. For added accessibility, he's mounted a 17-inch wide Original Pantry Drawer to the top of his LT Kitchen as extra storage and a step that makes climbing into the rooftop tent easier for him and his wife.

Darrel gave us a tour of his Tundra during our Winter cars and coffee meetup. Take a look!


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