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Subaru Crosstrek with Original Nomad Kitchen

This customer added an Original Nomad Kitchen to their already decked-out Subaru Crosstrek. While the Nomad Kitchen CV fits perfectly in the Crosstrek without having to flip the backseats down, it isn’t the only option for Crosstreks! By simply flipping the 60% seat down, an Original Nomad Kitchen fits really well in the trunk, with plenty of room for other gear.

One note about all Crosstreks is that they have drop-down trunks. This means that they require a simple riser platform in order to raise the kitchen or drawer system above the trunk sill. We are always happy to help offer advice if you’re building your own, and we offer simple riser platform builds as one of our many services at our shop in Alameda.

William Inman
Apr 09

Absolutely loving this creative setup! The Original Nomad Kitchen seamlessly integrated into a Subaru Crosstrek is a game-changer for adventure enthusiasts. It's fantastic to see how versatile the Nomad Kitchen system is, providing options for different vehicle configurations like the Crosstrek. The tip about using an essays for sale online platform to academic purposes is incredibly helpful. Kudos to the customer for maximizing their Crosstrek's potential for adventure, and to Nomad Kitchen for providing such innovative solutions for life on the road!



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